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Think Differently About Your Daily Rituals for Success

In this post, we explore rituals of success. Next week, we explore how success is NOT about you – Spoiler Alert – it is about others :)

Through coaching, I find that some people link success to personal (inner) achievements; others associate it with the acquisition of physical (external) goods. However, both have a tendency to approach daily routines in a similar fashion. Below are some key similarities. Perhaps, you can incorporate a few into your daily practice.

1. Time for peace = Life can be hectic. Way too often it feels like we are reacting to something happening to us. Make time (even if it’s 2 minutes) to create inner peace for yourself. Doing this over-time will add up and help your mental health in the long run.

2. Exercise = Do your best to incorporate physical activity. Keep it simple, a walk around your apartment, maybe taking the kids around the block, or your pet for a walk.

3. Eating habits = Our brain and body respond to what we put into it. Would you buy a million-dollar car and not take care of it? Probably not. Treat your mind and body like a valuable machine – you are one of a kind, edition 1/1.

4. Self-learning = The things you know today, may quickly become outdated a week from now. Take charge of your future by creating it today. Take active ownership of your development. Time passes by too quickly, take advantage of each day to improve yourself through self-learning.

5. Music = Find your power-song, your inspirational-tune, the song that inspires you to think differently. Here’s a trick client of mine uses when she’s working on her social media campaigns. She says – “I select 2 of my favorite songs. I play them while posting or responding to my social media. I stop when the music is over. This helps me stay focused on my task and not get sucked into a blackhole.”

6. Self-talk is help talk = You are your best coach. Condition your mind to pay attention to the things that are productive. See it this way – you are the author of your thoughts, you are also the narrator of your thoughts, and you are the audience of your thoughts. Practice coaching yourself, much the same way you would coach a stranger. Keep it neutral and objective.

7. Think fast, act slow = Daily life comes at you really fast, which means that you have to train yourself to process information at an equal pace (if not faster). However, it doesn’t mean that you need to jump into immediate action. Train yourself to act with intent, purpose, and meaning (aka act slow).

8. Keep it simple = Think of ALL the things you have to get done. Ugh, it feels daunting, doesn’t it? I’ve learned through coaching people that the key to high cognitive performance is to focus on one thing at a time. The next time you are giving a work presentation, just focus on your message moment-to-moment. Let go of other things that have to get done.

9. Feed your values = Living a life of purpose comes down to feeding your values. The problem most people have is that they are not clear on what those values are, so they are not sure how to feed them. High performers spend time finding them, so they can feed them. Find yours.

10. Small victories lead to large victories = I like to say progress is progress even if it is a tiny step forward, it is still forward. All those victories will add up. Keep going!

Yours truly,

Dr. G

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