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How to Change Your Mindset From Uncertain to Certain

Today's guest blogger is Jenny Zhu, M.A., an aspiring Industrial Organizational Psychologist. Jenny is passionate about helping individuals and organizations to identify their problems and achieve their goals.

This year, there have been many unforeseen situations that happened around us. Like many others out in the community, these situations pushed me on a path towards the unknown. As a graduating class of 2020, I looked forward to my commencement and felt that I had a bright future, but quickly realized that what I imagined my future to be post-graduation, turned into a blur as the year continued to progress. At this point, I hit a mental roadblock that I could not break away from, it was a moment of weakness.

Then, I remembered the words someone once said to me: 

“Life is full of different situations that are out of your control, but you can think differently and prepare yourself to be your best. At that point you’ll be fully capable to face what’s to come in life.”

Rather than feeling hopeless, I asked myself a few questions (if you feel stuck like me, follow along and ask yourself the same) to get me back on track.

1. Given my current situation – what goal do I want to achieve?

2. Why is it this my goal?

3. What can I do to achieve it?

Now, here are a few pointers, I used to help me go from uncertain to certain.

1. Continue to dream about your future and how to make it a reality. Don’t put a roadblock (mentally or physically) for yourself from your dreamed future.

2. Find your initial reason and use it to ignite your goal.

3. Adapt and prepare yourself for any given situation. Things happen, but this doesn’t mean your surrounding stopped moving, it's just happening at a different pace, so adapt to the change and use the time to revisit your goal. Do a reverse step process to identify actionable steps to help prepare yourself mentally.

4. Take action. You are now in a new mindset, with actionable steps, get on it. If it requires you to step out of your comfort zone, by all means, do it. Tell a friend, this will help you stay motivated, and to keep that momentum going.

By taking these steps into action, you are preparing yourself for the future.

Welcome to your best self.

You are ready to tackle the world.

Jenny Zhu, M.A.

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