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Feed your values...

Do you feel like your life is out of balance? Like you're being pulled in one direction, then another, at the end you're exhausted? 

That’s because you're not feeding your values. Today we talk about what you can do to be productive and fulfilled.  

Today, you also get a video. I want you to feel what I’m saying. 

⬇️ Watch this video on feeding your values ⬇️

For starters, you have to know what they are. It sounds simple, but they can be a difficult to find, they are elusive like those hard to catch Pokémon characters. 

It requires deep reflection. I know because I think about them constantly. It took me a while to spot them. I'm just like you! I have to re-align to the things I want to manifest. When I don’t feed them, life is difficult.

These are two of mine I am at my best when I feed them.

1. Build a community for collaboration.

2. Open doors for others. Help elevate them.

Let me give you this final thought. 

As you express your values, people will follow your path, they will ask for your help. Be cautious of time suckers. Don’t let others steal your time. Your time is valuable - know the difference between helping and being taken advantage of. Go out there and transform the world!

Take care and remember


Dr. G

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Abraham Gutsioglou, Ph.D.

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