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Congratulations (Virtual) Graduates: Words to Inspire Future Leaders

Graduating is a big accomplishment and It has not been easy for many of you. But you have trained for this and you are ready to show the world that you have arrived.

Let your graduation mark your passage into greatness.

I congratulate you as you embark on your journey to transform our world.

As I write this, we are faced with a global pandemic and social rights injustice. Combined - they are changing our world and propelling us into a much different future (a brighter one, I hope).

For some of you this is a scary thought. But I ask that you rise to the occasion.

I challenge you to the following:

  1. Take time to sit quietly in reflection.

  2. Imagine that you are living in the future. Fast forward to when you are 95 years of age and looking back.

  3. Ask yourself.... Am I satisfied with my life? Am I proud of who I have become? Am I grateful for the life I lived?

  4. Let that sink in.

Now, I want you to write down a mission statement like a CEO would write for their organization. Because, YOU ARE the CEO of your mind and body.

As you write your mission statement - ask yourself - who or what do I want to become? What will it take for me to get there?

Use this as your roadmap. Let your mission be your guide into the future. Trust yourself. Embrace the process.

To help you get started, I will leave you with four pieces of advice, which I packaged into a mental model so you can remember – I call it CAMP.

“C” is for change.

As time advances you have a choice to make. Will you be someone who is told and forced to change, or will you be the change you want to see in the world.

“A” is for accountability.

No one should care more about you than YOU. Hold yourself to the highest level of integrity and performance.

“M” is for motivation.

The thoughts we focus on control the quality of our lives. So, focus on greatness.

“P” is for perseverance.

When life gets difficult. Remember your training. Don’t stop moving. Even if you must take tiny steps. Remind yourself that forward is forward and you are too strong to be held down.

Now… go out there and show the world that you’re a champion.


Dr. G

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