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Add These Steps to Your Coaching Plan

Our journey through life rarely follows a straight-line. One moment life is happening to us then moments later (just like a light switch) we are back in control of our situations. In the mix of this craziness, one thing is for certain – the future can seem like a scary far away land, filled with uncontrollable, unpredictable moments.

Allow me to bring something to focus. You have more control of your future than what you think you do.

As you travel along your path, be mindful that the bubbly feeling of excitement will fizzle as quickly as it arrives. While you are working on your goal things will begin to get boring, do not give up. This is the defining moment for many people. It is where people quit because they are not seeing the results (yet) or where they work through it and keep pushing forward.

If you are working with a coach, make sure to add these steps to your coaching plan...

Step 1 - Establish clarity. Be precise with what you want. Remind yourself that clarity drives purpose. Purpose ignites actions. Actions lead to results.

Step 2 – Anchor your goal to emotions. When things get “boring” along your path, practice emotional focus – the process of tuning into the emotional state of success. Visualize and feel the energy of why you started this and how it feels to live what you are working towards. This will keep you going forward.

Step 3 – Create simple metrics to help you measure progress. Keep them to a minimum. Resist the temptation to over-complicate the process. I like to say – “if you can measure it simply, you can simply improve it.”

Step 4 – Put your ideas on paper and link them to a timeline. Use your best judgement on how aggressive you make the timeline. I encourage you to push yourself. Go ahead make it challenging, but not impossible.

Step 5 – You can have a great plan and positive intent, but keep in mind that something will get in your way. I can tell you from experience it will likely be one of these two categories: (1) the people you surround yourself with or (2) the process you put in place. Do not wait for things to go sideways to craft a recovery plan. Create that plan now.

Step 6 – Knowing ahead of time that you have potential barriers, you can craft a way to build the support you need to keep you on track. Create a support system that is there for you mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. This triad is critical to goal attainment and sustainment.

Final thoughts…

Having a goal is important; however, knowing what to do when you get there is even more important. Imagine yourself successfully attaining your goal – you feel great and are proud of yourself. Then imagine what you would say to yourself at that moment. What happens when you reach that level of success – what’s next?

Yours truly,

Dr. G

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